Complete IT solutions and services that help you increase billable hours

Virtual IT Solutions understands the unique technology requirements of legal practices. We are familiar with your challenges in safely storing and processing confidential information, and your need for a reliable IT environment to efficiently manage and maintain critical data.

Our IT support for law firms will take hardware and software management off your shoulders, as well as decrease technology downtime so your clerks and lawyers can perform more tasks. We will help you take advantage of an optimal IT environment so you can focus on winning cases for your clients.

Virtual IT Consulting’s IT services for the legal industry include:

  • Timestamping – to ensure that crucial legal evidence isn’t compromised
  • Litigation databases – to secure personal data, documents, and legal files
  • Billing and accounting – to keep track of your financial data with next-gen software
  • E-discovery – for a better way to compile, store, and secure your litigation data