Cloud Services

Corporate sectors look to Virtual IT Consulting for professional cloud solutions.

The VITC Cloud

After much research, VITC has partnered with ADS to offer safe, secure and reliable cloud services. 

Why ADS? 

When we did our research, we had questions- a lot of them.   Many of the cloud hosting services we looked at did not meet our requirements.    ADS knows how to properly design, secure, build, backup, maintain and scale an IT Cloud Infrastructure.  Having end to end visibility allows us to quickly troubleshoot and address any issues.  Because  ADS owns the infrastructure, we have the ability to customize VITC Cloud solutions for our client’s cloud computing needs and design a custom tailored experience.

VITC-ADS Cloud Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Regular backups should be the number one priority for any company.  most on-site backups, even those that replicate to the cloud- the restoration process can take anywhere from a day to weeks.   The VITC-ADS Cloud is able to recover full servers in minutes.    Why is this so important?   With the threat of Ransomware today, it is possible for all of your servers to get hit at the same time.   The ability to restore one or more servers in minutes is more valuable now than ever.

We provide worry free backups with the best of both worlds:  the ability to backup and restore locally with the additional protection of having your backups stored securely in VITC-ADS Cloud.  When your backups are replicated to VITC-ADS Cloud, they are stored both online on disk and offline to tape.  This give you added protection if a hacker manages to delete all of your online backups.  If your server crashes, we can restore your servers in VITC-ADS Cloud as part of your company’s Disaster Recovery strategy.   If your servers get hit by ransomware, we can restore in hourly increments to get back to the last good backup.

VITC-ADS Cloud Veeam Office 365 Backup

Office 365’s default retention period for deleted items in Exchange is 14 days.  Microsoft takes responsibility for uptime of Office 365, but the ultimate responsibility for your Office 365’s data resides with the customer and NOT Microsoft.  We offer point in time restores, recovery of deleted mailboxes and custom retention periods to keep your Office 365 data safe.  Sign up now for our Office 365 Backup service before you have to restore your critical Office 365 data and ensure you can always recover your valuable data.