Dental & Healthcare

Robust IT solutions that let you focus on delivering outstanding patient care

Healthcare providers and dental practices are not only expected to take care of patients, but also ensure that daily business processes are efficient. On top of that, these practices are also required to comply with regulations to avoid fines and litigations. Having a reliable IT services provider lessens the burden of technology management.

When you partner with Virtual IT Consulting, you leverage our team of certified technicians to manage your data, systems, and networks. We will help you increase your practice’s efficiency, improve your team’s productivity, and allow you to focus on helping your patients.

Our IT solutions for the healthcare and dental industry include:

  • EMR – we transition and store your patient and medical records to the cloud for faster and more secure access
  • HIPAA compliance – we will ensure that your practice achieves and maintains compliance with all regulations
  • Cybersecurity monitoring – we identify and eliminate malicious threats before they can result in downtime
  • Remote/On-site support – our support team is available around the clock to resolve any IT issues