Always-on technology that ensures excellent customer satisfaction

Whether your business will thrive or not depends on how well you take care of customers. To do so successfully, you need to provide personalized services and prompt responses to their queries and complaints. This is where reliable and always-available technology plays a crucial role.

Virtual IT consulting has been helping businesses of all sizes in and around Southern California, Oregon and Washington  benefit from speedy, stable, and secure IT systems. For a flat monthly fee, our team of IT experts will look after your infrastructure so you can focus on taking care of your customers’ needs.

Our IT services for businesses include:

  • Proactive support – we monitor and maintain your PCs, laptops, servers, and network 24/7
  • Robust security – protect your business from malware and hackers with firewalls, antivirus, and email filtering
  • Cloud-based data storage – we protect your sensitive client records, financial documents, and HR information
  • Software optimization – we work closely with you and your team to make your applications work faster and use fewer processing resources
  • Full-scale mobility – we help your teams securely access files and apps anywhere, anytime, on any device